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UN 4GV Fibreboard Boxes

UN 4GV Fibreboard Boxes

Quitmann O’Neill hold in stock a wide range of UN 4GV fibreboard boxes.

These boxes are designed to hold hazardous products (within a container) and act as a secondary outer casing. This allows dangerous goods to be transported safely by rail, road, sea and air.

Manufactured from double walled corrugated board, each box is glued or stapled and carries a UN Approved certification.

All boxes are supplied in a flat pack format. We also supply inner liners and packs from stock as well as the cross weave tape (50mm, 70mm, 100mm wide).

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MEGA 7/5

7/5 – 175 X 155 X 305 Fibreboard Boxes UN

4GV/X 3/S/../A/PA-02/5856


MEGA 16/12

16/12 – 275 x 195 x 300 Fibreboard Boxes UN

4GV/X 6/S/../A/PA-02/5785

MEGA 23/17

23/17 – 325 x 245 x 300 Fibreboard Box UN

4GV/X 8/S/../A/PA-02/5785


 MEGA 40/30

40/30 – 430 x 310 x 300 Fibreboard Box UN



 MEGA 65/43

65/43 – 390 x 390 x 430 Fibreboard Box UN

4GV/X 24/S/../A/PA-02/5787

 MEGA 90/60

90/60 – 570 x 370 x 430 Fibreboard Box UN

4GV/X 41/S../A/PA-02/5787


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