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Plastic Drums

Plastic Drums / Packaging

Plastic drums – for the safe transport of solid and liquid filling goods.


At Quitmann O’Neill, the customer has one-stop access to all types of high quality plastic drums, Jerribottles and small PP/PET/HDPE bottles meeting the demanding standards required by the pharmaceutical, food, beverage, chemical, paint, coatings and hazardous waste industries.

Our packaging is produced in accordance with the latest production technology and tested in accordance with UN recommendations to guarantee optimum protection for a broad range of dangerous and non-dangerous goods.

We have recently expanded our plastic packaging range with the addition of PET bottles and jars. Please contact us on 09097 41148 for more details.

  • Available in sizes ranging from 100ml to 220 Litre
  • UN approved for liquids and solids (depending on packaging type)
  • Versatile options and a wide range of accessories to meet all customer requirements
  • Plastic drums available with barrier layer or as conductive (EX) version
  • All drums available from stock.