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Industrial Plastic Jars Ireland

Quitmann O’Neill Packaging have expanded their range to include plastic wide mouth Jars. These jars are suitable for a range of products including powders, gels, pastes, greases, lotions, food stuff, granules, tablet and Pills. We offer both screw cap Jar (with wad options available including plastic coated, EPE and heat-sealed) and tamper evident Jars. We […]

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Quitmann O’Neill Packaging Ireland

Quitmann O’Neill Packaging Ltd is a family business based in Portumna, Co Galway. With over 30 years experience in the Industry, our packaging partners are the market leaders in both the industrial and food sectors. We currently supply Multinationals & SME’s in the pharmaceutical, food, beverage, chemical, lubricant, paint, coatings and hazardous waste industries. Quitmann O’Neill Packaging […]

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SX-EX Intermediate Bulk Containers

SX-EX Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBCs) Description : Packaging solution for pharmaceutical, food, beverage, chemical, paint, coatings and hazardous waste industries. Standard capacity : 1000 litres. Construction : Blow-moulded inner container made of HDPE / Complete drainage of residual content. Tubular steel cage, welded and galvanised with additional steel jacket, bolted to bottom plate and pallet Corner guards […]

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Irish Packaging Steel Drums

Drums are the backbone of Quitmann O’Neill’s Industrial Packaging & Services activities. Our wide range of steel drums complies with the highest packaging requirements imposed by the pharmaceutical, food, beverage, chemical, paint, coatings and hazardous waste industries. Our packaging is produced in accordance with the latest production technology and tested in accordance with UN recommendations […]

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Curtec Plastic Drums

CurTec Plastic Drums Description : Packaging solution for pharmaceutical, food, chemical, paint, coatings and hazardous industries. Standard capacities : From 30 – 55   Construction Manufactured from food grade HDPE. UN solids approval. External colours : Black (UV Protected) / White Body- Red Lid Easily Screw Cap closure One hundred percent sealing between the lid […]

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